Steps to registration

Step 1: Payment

  •  In order to complete your registration, you will first need to make your payment by accessing the following link
  • In the case of multi-authored submissions, EVERY AUTHOR must register and pay the appropriate registration fee, regardless of their attendance, if they wish to receive a certificate.
  • Payment methods:
    • Bank transfer: You can find all the relevant bank account information below. 
      Bank name: BANCO DE SABADELL, S.A.
      IBAN: ES76 0081-3191-43-0001030312
      Holder: Universidad de Alicante (ID number Q0332001G)
      Concept: » LexESP-GPLSI 2024 Registration + full name» (e.g. LexESP-GPLSI 2024 Registration Isabel Espinosa Zaragoza)
    • Bizum/credit card: You can pay directly through the platform which  will generate the payment receipt. 
  • The registration fee must be paid in full. That is, in the event that the bank of any person interested in registering applies a commission for the transfer of the payment, he/she must pay the difference so that the amount of the transfer received (in the UA Conference and Congresses account) is equivalent to the fee for which he/she wishes to register.

Step 2 Registration

  • After obtaining proof of payment, you will be able to register using the following form.
  • You are requested to provide all the necessary information to generate an invoice, in case you need it (e.g. personal information, tax or ID number of the institution responsible for the reimbursement, etc.).
  • Please make sure you attach the required documents (i.e. payment receipt, proof of membership/student status). You must complete the form and attach the payment receipt for your registration to be valid.